Professional Content Calendar in Google Sheets to help you create content based on custom holidays and events that you tracked inside this planner! Calendar is perpetual and can be used for years to come! Check out the free demo below.

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Social Media Calendar Planner

This Social Media Calendar Planner Template (Bundle) is designed for Freelance Social Media Managers, Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, UGC (User-Generated Content) Content Creator or ANY Business Owners who like to plan for daily content based on occurrences of festivals, holidays and company events. 

This Planner is Perfect For:

  • Planning Content ahead with important events & festivals
  • Content Batching
  • Real-Time Collaboration with Clients / Co-Workers
  • Gets Approval for Creatives & Copy-Writing
  • Keep Content Organised & Consistent
  • Content Creation for Brands Promotional Campaigns
  • Repurpose Post to Multiple Platforms

How to Use This Content Calendar?

This is a perpetual calendar which means that you can use this planner for years to come! However, the automated event calendar can be used until year 2024, and is subject to upgrade, so we would send a newer version to you whenever there's an upgrade.

Upgraded Version

This is an upgraded version of my previous social media planner:

  • We transform the planner to a DYNAMIC calendar that you can reuse for several years and customise it to, start either Monday or Sunday
  • Company Events can be tracked and holidays can be auto-generated based on your country - these would be added to the monthly calendar for your reference during content planning.
  • Instead of having several sections for each platform, now we combine all in one and have a checkbox to manage repurposed contents. 
  • The look and feel is completely customisable. As for the dropdown selection customisation, we have a dedicated page to ease your user experience. We don’t recommend you to add / remove columns for this template unless you’re familiar with Google Sheets formula and Appscript.


Up to 5 Platforms Included:

  • Instagram (IG)
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook (FB)
  • Twitter

100% Editable if you'd like to change to other platforms, i.e. Youtube, Linkedin, Snapchat, Whatsapp and more!

Up to 7 Countries (Event Calendar) Supported:

  • United States (USA) 
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Canada 
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

If you need calendar in other country, kindly check with SL first before purchasing. Thanks :)

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❶ First, we can customise the yearly calendar and monthly calendar. At SETTINGS tab, enter the calendar year (i.e. 2023), and the start day of the calendar (you can choose Monday or Sunday). Then, select platforms you wish to include in the template, along with other categories such as Content Pillar, Call-to-action (CTA), Status and more!

❷ Next, we’d customise the holidays/event list at monthly calendar based on your country location. At EVENT tab, Select a country. You may also add more company-specific events / campaign dates in the tracker so you don’t forget to include them in your content plan.

❸ Lastly, we’ll generate content calendar for each month. Go to the CALENDAR tab and tick the checkbox to generate the monthly calendar. Only generate the months you need so you can keep your spreadsheets clean and tidy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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You'll receive a link to the template in a PDF file instantly right after the payment is made. The PDF file is available for download at the payment page.

Another copy would be sent to your email.

This template designed with formulas and features that are specific to Google Sheets. Hence, it's not compatible with Microsoft Excel / Excel Online. Please DO NOT purchase if you intend to use this in MS EXCEL.

NO REFUND would be given once the sale is confirmed as this is a digital product. Kindly reach out before purchase if you have any questions.

Yes, this Google SheetsTemplate is fully editable and customizable. You’ll have a copy of the template and you can edit the template however you wish.

However, Danalyser is not responsible for the malfunction as a result of your editing action. Kindly ensure that you are not editing the formula embedded in the document.

Text: Font Type, Size, Colour

Background: Colour

Table, Charts & Graphs: Data, Colour

Icons, Graphics: Add your brand logo. Insert any images or graphics as you see fit.

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Hence, the security of the data inside the file is safeguarded by Google.

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