How to Create an Engaging Social Media Report in Canva with Infographics and Graphs

This template was visually stunning and very easy to use - beforehand I was presenting my data in a boring Google Spreadsheet's template and overboarding my clients with stats they didn't care about. This template combines everything you need in an easy to understand way and allows everything to be presented really professionally too. The creator was also really helpful with any questions I had and replied promptly :) Would recommend!

Above is one of my buyer left after using my social media analytics report designed in Canva. Hey, if you are managing a social media campaign for a client on various platforms, and after obtaining some success, you wish to present the outcomes to your stakeholders with a polished and professional report. This article is for you!

What is a social media analysis report ?

As a social media manager or a marketing specialist, you have probably heard of social media report but not sure what it is and why you need to pay attention to it? Well, a social media report is a document that presents a summary of the results and insights from a social media activities.

Social Media Manager Reporting Tool - Canva Presentation Slides

Social media analytics reports allows marketing managers to visualise and present their campaign data in a visually engaging and easy-to-understand manner. 

It not only helps to justify the budget and resources spent in a specific campaign or overall social media strategy, but it also demonstrates the success of the efforts made for the client’s company, which is essential to maintain long-term relationships with the clients.

If you’re reading this post, I guess you’re also finding some reference and examples of what to include in a good social media report that could impress your clients and/or bosses. Keep reading!

How to Gather and Select Data for Reporting

As mentioned by Social Media Manager expert, Latasha James in her video below, a formal report with data is one of the best way to get into a communication schedule with your clients, because numbers don't lie! In her video, she also covers how she extract key metrics and insights from multiple social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

She also shows how her social media report looks like,  and how she build the report for her clients. If you're interested to find out more, you're welcome to watch the video below.


A social media analytics report is designed to report important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to the stakeholders. Knowing who the stakeholders are and the information they need is crucial in creating an effective and compelling presentation report. Hence, instead of throwing everything you know into the slides, you would want to tailor the report to meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

What to Include in Social Media Report?

As mentioned, the format of a social media report could vary depending on the goals, audience and data collected. However, if you have no idea or in-need for some inspirations to perfect your report before sending them out, here are some common elements you can add to your deck :

  • Executive Summary
  • Campaign / Events
  • Content Overview
  • Audience Insights
  • Best Performing Posts
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • Upcoming Activities


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Executive Summary

Executive summary is a brief overview of the key takeaways from the report. You can add the summary statistics (i.e. followers, impressions, reach, engagement rate) from every social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Tiktok, Linkedin and more!

Below is an example of Executive Summary slides to present social media key metrics.

Presentation Slides with Social Media Statistics Infographics in a Simple Table

Campaign / Events

This section typically includes a list of events held during the reporting period, such as product launches, promotions, or live events. As you can see from the timeline infographics below, it should include a brief description of the event’s objective and outcome.

Timeline Infographics to Showcase A Series of Events Took Place during the month

Content Overview

Content overview typically contains a table with the number of pieces of content posted in each social media channel, broken down by the content pillars.

Number of Content Pieces Posted per Month in a Table

The 5 content pillars typically refer to the different types of content that are posted on social media, such as promotional content, educational content, motivational content, user-generated content, and industry news. This information provides a clear overview of the types of content that were posted on each social media channel.

Audience Insights

Businesses are always concerned if they are attracting the right audience to ensure their marketing efforts are successful. This section provides valuable insights into the audience on social media platforms, including information such as country demographics, gender, age distribution, and device usage. 

Audience Insights Report Design Example

By including audience demographic information in the social media report, businesses can monitor changes in the audience population over time as the content strategy evolves. This is critical to ensure that the business is reaching the right audience.

Best Performing Posts

This section showcases the top-performing posts during the reporting period. You may include a screenshot of the posts, that includes key metrics like likes, comments and shares. By collecting the best posts in a single slide, we can clearly see what types of content resonate best with the audience and replicate these in future content pieces.

Instagram Best Performing Posts Mockup Image

Social Media Strategy Plan

Suggestions for future actions or improvements based on the data and insights gathered. The recommendations should be based on data-driven insights and analysis of the results, and should include an action plan that outlines specific steps that the client can take to improve their social media strategy and make the campaign a success!

Content Mix Slides Idea for Social Media Managers, contains a venn diagram

Upcoming Events

A list of the events and campaigns that are scheduled to take place in the future. By including a detailed schedule of the upcoming initiatives, it helps make sure all the team members are aligned on the marketing plan and are aware of all the upcoming initiatives.

Social Media Analytics Report Template

Now that you have understood what to include in a professional Social Media Analytics Report. You would want to create your own and WOW your clients! But, what if you need more help than just a list of items to include in your report?

Worry not! If you are looking for an effective and visually appealing way to track your social media performance, look no further!

Our social media analytics report, designed with Canva, provides a comprehensive overview of your social media performance, including key metrics, audience demographics, posts performance, events overview and all the sections we mentioned in this article!

As you already can see from the examples included, our slides include not just the graphics, but also the content prompts that guide you in writing your own analysis for your clients!

This Social Media Analysis Report includes:
    • 22+ pages of Canva slides pages (1920 x 1080 px, 16:9 Aspect Ratio)
    • Content Placeholders with Examples
    • Colour pallete + video guide to customize colour for your brand
    • Can be shared instantly to client/stakeholders for viewing (via URL) or
    • Export to PDF file

In addition, this report template comes with custom-made and fully editable infographics, charts and graphs for your storytelling. It is the perfect tool to help you showcase your success to your clients. Order now and take your social media management business to the next level!

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This template was visually stunning and very easy to use - beforehand I was presenting my data in a boring Google Spreadsheet's template and overboarding my clients with stats they didn't care about. This template combines everything you need in an easy to understand way and allows everything to be presented really professionally too. The creator was also really helpful with any questions I had and replied promptly :) Would recommend!

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