Impressive Social Media Portfolio Template to Win Your First Client in 2024 (Canva Template)

In the competitive field of social media management, a professional portfolio is your ticket to success. Your portfolio showcases your expertise, past successes, and unique approach to social media strategy.

In today's data-driven world, it's not enough to simply display your creative prowess; clients are increasingly looking for evidence of a data-driven approach to social media management. To stand out in the crowd and win your first client, it's crucial to showcase your proficiency in leveraging data to drive results.

If you're looking for some help in revamping your portfolio and highlighting your past event success, this article is for you! 

What is a Social Media Manager Portfolio ?

Social Media Manager Portfolio is a form of documentation and work samples that showcase your expertise and past client work. Some may explain that it is an informal resume or CV.

A social media manager portfolio is more than just a profile of yours; it is a testament to your ability to deliver the real results. Hence, make sure you cherry pick the relevant information based on the client background and industry.

In this post, you'll find some examples of portfolio deck design that we included in our 22+ pages SMM Portfolio Canva Template to help you craft a converting portfolio presentation!

Social Media Manager About Me Page - Self Introduction

Sample SMM Portfolio: About Me  

How does a Social Media Portfolio Looks Like?

There are different forms of social media portfolio:

If you are new to the industry, you may choose either one of the above form that you prefer.

However, the most common type is the presentation style which you can easily email to client or walk them through during the discovery call. 

What to include in Social Media Portfolio ?

Your portfolio should demonstrate your expertise and skills. Bear in mind, it is to convert your audience to your customer. So, be more mindful with what you included in the portfolio.

Commonly found sections in the portfolio documents of social media strategists and managers:

  • About Me
  • Mission & Vission
  • Our Services
  • Client Testimonials
  • Skills & Specialities
  • Sample Work / Case Study
  • Contact Page
  • Call-To-Actio
  • In addition to the traditional elements of a portfolio, it's essential to highlight your data-driven approach to social media management. Include case studies that showcase how you've used data and analytics to optimize campaigns and drive tangible results for clients.

    Incorporating Data into Your Portfolio:

    Incorporating data into your social media portfolio is essential for demonstrating your expertise and credibility as a data-driven social media manager. Here are some ways to showcase your data-driven approach:

    Case Studies

    Include case studies that highlight how you've used data and analytics to inform your social media strategies and drive measurable results for clients.

    Client testimonial with screenshot (Instagram)

    This may include the content or copywriting you have done for your previous clients, along with screenshots of the social media analytics result that you have achieved using your strategy. 

    Important Note: If you have worked with clients in the past, make sure to check if you have a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) signed. If you do, make sure you don’t enclose the client’s details and data when you presenting data / showcase your work in the portfolio document.


    Use data visualizations, such as charts, graphs, and infographics, to illustrate key performance metrics and campaign outcomes in a clear and compelling manner.

    ROI Analysis

    Provide insights into the ROI of your social media campaigns by showcasing metrics such as cost per acquisition, conversion rates, and revenue generated. You may add them into the client testimonial section: i.e. managed to increase client's ROI 3x within 3 months.

    Social Media Manager Case Study with Testimonial Portfolio Design

    Sample Social Media Portfolio Presentation: Testimonials 

    Data-Backed Recommendations

    Offer data-backed recommendations for future strategies based on your analysis of past performance data, demonstrating your ability to iterate and improve over time.

     Data backed social media portfolio testimonial

    Introducing Social Media Manager Portfolio Template

    Our Canva templates are designed to help you create visually stunning portfolios that showcase your data-driven approach to social media management.

    With customizable templates, engaging visualizations, and comprehensive analytics, you can create a portfolio that not only looks impressive but also demonstrates your ability to deliver tangible results through data-driven strategies.

    Social Media Manager Portfolio Pitch Deck

    Free Preview of SMM Portfolio Presentation Canva Template! 

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    This Social Media Portfolio Canva template:

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    Social Media Manager Portfolio Presentation Template


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