Impressive Social Media Portfolio to Win Your First Client (Example with Canva Template)

Having an aesthetic and professional portfolio is crucial to acquire your ideal client. If you are new to social media management, make sure to include the following information in your portfolio website or documents!

What is a Social Media Manager Portfolio ?

Social Media Manager Portfolio is a form of documentation and work samples that showcase your expertise and past client work. Some may explain that it is an informal resume or CV.

This profile of yours is a proof or evidence to your potential client that you have the skills and abilities to deliver the results. Hence, make sure you cherry pick the relevant information based on the client background and industry.

More doesn’t necessarily mean good.

Social Media Manager About Me Page - Self Introduction

Sample SMM Portfolio: About Me  

How does a Social Media Portfolio Looks Like?

There are different forms of social media portfolio:

If you are new to the industry, you may choose either one of the above form that you prefer.

However, the most common type is PDF portfolio that you can easily email to client. Some may prefer to have portfolio website to showcase their skills and work to public.

SMM Digital Manager Skills and Expertise Presentation Slides Design

Sample Social Media Portfolio Presentation: Specialities

As we social media managers work in the digital space on a daily basis, I’d encourage you to create a digital product, a portfolio website, first. Working with local clients, you might eventually create a printed version to help you network and sell your services if you do local speaking at networking events. - Dorien Morin-van Dam, Certified Social Media Manager, Strategist.

What to include in Social Media Portfolio ?

Your portfolio should demonstrate your expertise and skills. Bear in mind, it is to convert your audience to your customer. So, be more mindful with what you included in the portfolio.

You may include the content or copywriting you have done for your previous clients, or screenshots of the social media analytics result that you have achieved using your strategy. Social Media Manager Expert, Latasha James has also explained and showed some examples of social media management portfolio in the video below.

If you have no idea or in-need for some inspirations, here is a list of items to add to your Social Media Profile.

  1. About Me
  2. Mission & Vission
  3. Our Services
  4. Client Testimonials
  5. Skills & Specialities
  6. Sample Work / Case Study
  7. Contact Page
  8. Call-To-Action

Pro Tips

Client Testimonial is important to provide social-proof to your potential clients. It highlights your quality of service, and increase your chances of getting hired as social media managers.

Social Media Manager Case Study with Testimonial Portfolio Design

Sample Social Media Portfolio Presentation: Testimonials

Include a Call-To-Action at the end of the page, either it is to book a discovery call, or to subscribe to your service package.

Important Note: If you have worked with clients in the past, make sure that you check if you have a NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement) signed. If you do, make sure you don’t enclose the client’s details and data when you presenting data / showcase your work in the portfolio document.

Social Media Manager Portfolio Template

Social Media Manager Portfolio Pitch Deck

Ready Made SMM Portfolio Template

Now that you have understand what to include in a professional Social Media Portfolio. You would want to create your own ones and distribute it to your future clients.

If you want to make better use of your time for other more valuable tasks, you can leave the design to us. 


This Social Media Portfolio Canva template:

  • includes 22+ slides
  • can be exported to PDF to download for printing
  • can be shared instantly to client/potential clients for viewing (via URL)
  • fully editable and customizable to fit your branding

Social Media Manager Portfolio Presentation Template

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