Google Data Studio (Looker Studio) Complete Course 2022 for Beginners: Google Sheets Edition

This is a free tutorial course for anyone who wants to learn Looker Studio, formerly known as Google Data Studio to build interactive reports and dashboards.

This is a mini project. You'll be provided a free dataset to follow through the entire tutorial series, from importing the data to Looker Studio, to building the report, customising the look-and-feel, and lastly sharing the report to your clients or coworkers. Want to get the data and get started right away? Keep reading!

Grab the free data here: link

Course Overview

This course is for complete beginners that want to learn Google Data Studio through hands-on exercise so there’ll be less theory but we’ll make sure you know the fundamentals to create your first data studio report. I’ll be guiding you step by step on how to create a sales analytics dashboard using the free sample data (mock up by Danalyser).

In this article, I introduce each chapter separately. You could check this post out to get an idea what topics will be covered before you decide to invest your time. This course is about 2 hours long and you should spend around 5 hours in total to complete the entire course, at your own pace. You may follow the chapters by chapters through this playlist, the full compilation is added to the playlist as well.

Complete Looker Studio Beginner Lessons 

You may follow the video below to start creating your first dashboard in Looker Studio. Kindly note that the recording is done before Google decided to rebrand Google Data Studio to Looker Studio, hence there is a minimal change in the logo and UI after the rebranding. However, this course is still highly applicable as there isn't much changes in the features and how Looker Studio works as of now.

Chapter 1: What is Google Data Studio?

In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to Google Data Studio along with some common use case / application and show you some of the sample report dashboard created in Google Data Studio. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions regarding this tool, such as “What is the pre-requisite? Is Google Data Studio free to use?”

Chapter 2: Connect to Google Sheets Data

In this chapter, we’ll understand how to connect to Google Sheets data using the data connector in Google Data Studio. We’ll cover some of the important concepts related to Data Source Connection in Data Studio, such as Data Types, Metrics and Dimension, and Refresh Frequency.

Chapter 3: Basic Charts Tutorials: Scorecard, Bar Chart, Pie Chart and Table

“How do I add a chart to a data studio?” – If this is the question you asked, you have come to the right place!

In this video, we not only cover how to create a chart in Data Studio, we’d also guide you on :

  • How to navigate in Google Data Studio (Edit Mode)
  • How to create CHART in Data Studio
  • How to customise CHART for better visualisation and representation of the data

We'll cover different types of basic charts that's commonly used in data reporting, such as scorecards, bar chart, pie chart, table chart and heat map. The video is divided into two parts so it's easily for you to digest. 

Chapter 4: Advanced Chart Tutorial: Time Series Chart & Geo Chart

Want to learn how to visualise time-series chart in Data Studio and Geo chart? This advanced tutorial is for you! You'll learn how to build a time series chart and geo chart in Looker Studio, with just drag-and-drop.  You'll also learn how to add useful labels and metrics for benchmarking.

Chapter 5: Data Studio Calculated Fields

Data Studio Calculated Field is powerful to help us do simple maths calculation, data transformation and logic evaluation. In this tutorial, we'll cover some simple formulas to help you develop a customised analytics dashboard in Google Data Studio. I tried to keep this lesson very simple as I know some of you are not very familiar with coding and formulas. Don't worry, it's simple!


Chapter 6: Filters Controls

Filter controls in Looker Studio is just like filters or slicers in spreadsheets. You can interact with the charts and reports easily by using the controls. In Looker Studio, we have a variety of filter controls to support our need for reporting. Check out the lesson below to learn how to create and use the control to analyse your data easily! 


Chapter 7: Custom Themes

This is an optional lesson. If you want to impress your bosses and clients, this is the one that you don't wanna miss! In this tutorial, we cover simple ways to customise your report design and fit it to your brand's colour palette easily. You'll also learn how to add logos and shapes to make your report stand out! 


Chapter 8: Report Sharing

After you have done creating your report, you must find a way to share it. In Looker Studio, we have multiple ways to share and download the report. As someone that has used Power BI and Tableau before, I must say Looker Studio offers the best report sharing experience. If you have used Google Sheets or Docs, it works just like that! 

Want to find out more ? The video tutorial is added below for you!


📊 Free Sample Data for Practice

How to Download Free Dataset for Google Data Studio Course (Danalyser)

Grab the free data here: link

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