New Release: Ultimate KPI Dashboard 1.1

Release Update: Version 1.1

We're thrilled to introduce the latest enhancements to our platform, designed to empower you with even more control and precision in tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs). Here's what's new in this release:

Up to 20 KPI Metrics 

Now, you can track up to 20 KPIs seamlessly across various platforms. Whether you're monitoring website performance, social media engagement, or sales metrics, our expanded capacity ensures you have a comprehensive view of what matters most to your business.

Up to 20 Category Options

In response to your feedback, we've added support for up to 20 category options. This means you can now categorize your data in even more granular detail, allowing for deeper analysis and insights into different aspects of your operations.

Bug Fix: Improved Total Number Display

We've addressed a bug related to color conditioning for total numbers. You'll now see accurate color representations, even in cases where previous years or months lack tracked metrics. This ensures consistency and clarity in visualizing your data trends over time.

How to get the latest version?

1) Open the PDF file with the link to the template.

2) Click on the button to open the template. You'll find a new page as below:

New Release Danalyser KPI Dashboard

Follow the instructions to redeem the new version.

If you face any problems, feel free to get in touch with us at, along with the screenshot of your invoice. Thank you :)

We're committed to continuously refining our product to meet your evolving needs. These updates aim to help you manage your KPI and provide you the tools you need to make informed decisions daily.

Thank you again for all your support. Please stay tune for more updates and enhancements coming your way!

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