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Social Media Report Canva Template

Social Media Report Canva Template

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PS: View description below for the exact content included in the template.


To use this template, you'll need to have a free Canva account. Basic knowledge on how to use Canva is also required.

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This is a digital product available for instant download. You'll receive a file that contains a private link to the template. No physical items will be shipped.

We do not accept returns and cancellation after item has been dispatched. But we are always here to help if you face any issue with your purchase.

This Canva Instagram Analytics Report template is a complete game changer for social media reporting 🔥  You can easily send it to your clients for review or use it as a post-campaign analysis document. Plus, you can use this template every month/week for different clients! 

🌻 Do you need to report your Facebook / Instagram performance to your client?

🌻 Do you find screenshotting graphs and charts from Meta Business Suites / Instagram can no longer serve your purpose?

🌻 Imagine if you have a custom report tool in Canva that you can just fill in the numbers, and the charts & graphs would be generated automatically! ✨

This Canva Social Media Analytics Report template would be a GAME CHANGER for your social media reporting! You could send it across to your clients for review, or use it as a post-campaign analysis docs!

🎉 What’s best? You can use this template every month/week for different clients!

This Canva Facebook Insights Report is designed for Social Media Managers and Digital Marketing Agencies to present monthly FB ads performance and page analysis results.

✅ Created based on Facebook Insights (Meta Business Suites)/ Instagram Native Insights Dashboard, so you could pluck the KPI metrics from the native FB analytics platform & generate a professional monthly report for your clients!

✅ Have a few additional metrics you wish to add? Want to change the colour theme? Not a problem! You can change everything in this template, including the charts types, colours, images, logos, text font, font colours and everything else! Want to use it for other social media platforms like Instagram or tiktok? Yes you can!

✅ Comprises infographics, charts and graphs to help you communicate social media insights in a visually appealing report and makes the information easily digestible for your clients..

This Social Media Insights Report Template (CANVA) is not just some fancy design! It is properly structured to tell a compelling story about the Facebook/Instagram platform performance. It also comes with prompts and examples to help you communicate the amazing results you achieved for your client in an engaging way!

👉🏻 6 A4 Pages of Social Media Insights Report Canva Template. with content prompts and example, custom-made & fully editable infographics, charts and graphs for your storytelling ! (Instagram version comes with an extra page for audience demographics comparisons, you may check the photos to see the design before purchasing.) 

👉🏻 (Document Dimension: 21 x 29.7cm)

👉🏻 Cover Page with customisable logo and agency/business name.

👉🏻 Facebook Page Metrics: Total Page Likes & Followers, including audience interactions and page performance overview.

👉🏻 Audience Demographics: Gender, Age, Location - Does the content attract your business target audience?

👉🏻 Paid Advertisement Performance Analysis: Ads Spent, Reach, Landing Page Views, Organic vs Paid Proportion

👉🏻 Best Posting Time

👉🏻 Event Highlights: Overview of Important Campaigns of the past month

👉🏻 Best Posts: Highlight Top Performing Posts, Creative Images & Key Metrics

👉🏻 Contact Page with Quotes and Beautiful Free Stock Photo (For Both Canva Free & Paid Users)

👉🏻 ONLY for INSTAGRAM: Audience Demographics Comparison

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Why Canva ?

Empower Everyone To Design

Canva is a free graphic design application available online at Canva's drag-and-drop interface empowers non-designer business owners to create stunning designs for various purposes.

If you do not have a Canva account yet, you are welcome to use this affiliate link to sign up for Canva Pro account. You'll get 30 days free Canva Pro trial to access exclusive and premium elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I receive my Canva Template?

You'll receive a link to the template in a PDF file instantly right after the payment is made. The PDF file is available for download at the payment page.

Another copy would be sent to your email.

Is the design customizable in Canva?

Yes, this Canva Template is fully editable and customizable. You’ll have a copy of the template and you can edit the template however you wish.

What can I edit in Canva ?

Text: Font Type, Size, Colour

Background: Colour

Table, Charts & Graphs: Data, Colour, Animations

Infographics: Text, Colour, Animations

Icons, Graphics: Can be removed and select one you like from Canva library. Colour of most icons can be edited to fit your branding.

What do I need to use a Canva Template?

You only need a Canva account, which you can sign up for free here.

If you do not have a Canva account yet, you are welcome to use this affiliate link to sign up for Canva Pro account. You'll get 30 days free Canva Pro trial to access exclusive and premium elements.

What is Canva ?

Canva is a graphic design application available online at It comes with drag-and-drop interface which makes it the favourite tool among professional designers and non-designer business owners. 

Is my data safe if I use the template?

Do assure that we DO NOT have any access to the Canva Templates you hold, as you would be the owner of the file.

Hence, the security of the data inside the file is safeguarded by Canva.

Do you offer customization service to the template?

We do not offer customization service for Canva Template at the moment. Danalyser do provide custom Google Sheets Template service for small businesses. We'd love to speak to you on how we can help. Contact us now.

I have some questions, how do I approach you?

If you face any issue before or after purchasing the template, you may message me at my instagram @danalyser8.

My clients love your template! Can I sell/share it to them?

No. A personal license is granted per every purchase. The templates are meant to be used by the individual or the business who purchases them. Hence, you are not allowed to resell, share or distribute it to anyone without my consent.

You can, however, export the document and share the PDF version with your clients. You are not allowed to share the editable version of this template in anyway.

If you need to share the editable version to more than one client, please purchase a separate copy for each clients. Your kindness and respect to original work are very much appreciated.

For commercial license, do contact me at my email if you would like to resell or offer the template as a service to your client.

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This was exactly what I needed! Love it!


Loved it and really easy to work with


It helped me tons with the type of report I wanted to provide. Thank you!


Great product, thank you I appreciate the time you took to make this!