It’s time to skyrocket your Etsy sales with the perfect SEO keyword planner you’ll ever need! 👇

This Etsy Keyword Planner is designed to make your...

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It’s time to skyrocket your Etsy sales with the perfect SEO keyword planner you’ll ever need! 👇

This Etsy Keyword Planner is designed to make your keyword research process organised and efficient so you can save the time for something you love!

This is a digital spreadsheets planner app built for Etsy Sellers; 

Why It’s a MUST-HAVE for EVERY Successful Etsy Sellers?

✓ Perform Efficient Keyword Research & Planning 

✓ Time-Saving!

✓ Repeated Word Detection (Crucial to switch them to synonym to optimise SEO & increase visibility)

✓ Find The Sweet Spot for Pricing Strategy with Dynamic Calculator

✓ Analyse Cost Breakdown for Your Items


✓ Keep Listing Information Organised

✓ Profit Calculator: Auto-Populated Fee Structure After Selecting Your Country

✓ Have Multiple Products? Simply make a copy for each listing !

✓ Fully Dynamic - Keyword Character Limit Prompts Shows Up As You Type! 

✓ Profit Dashboard - Visualise Cost Breakdown Easily with Charts & Graphs

Frequently Asked Questions

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You'll receive a link to the template in a PDF file instantly right after the payment is made. The PDF file is available for download at the payment page.

Another copy would be sent to your email.

This template designed with formulas and features that are specific to Google Sheets. Hence, it's not compatible with Microsoft Excel / Excel Online. Please DO NOT purchase if you intend to use this in MS EXCEL.

NO REFUND would be given once the sale is confirmed as this is a digital product. Kindly reach out before purchase if you have any questions.

Yes, this Google SheetsTemplate is fully editable and customizable. You’ll have a copy of the template and you can edit the template however you wish.

However, Danalyser is not responsible for the malfunction as a result of your editing action. Kindly ensure that you are not editing the formula embedded in the document.

Text: Font Type, Size, Colour

Background: Colour

Table, Charts & Graphs: Data, Colour

Icons, Graphics: Add your brand logo. Insert any images or graphics as you see fit.

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Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet app that lets you create and format spreadsheets and collaborate with your coworkers and clients real-time.

Do assure that we DO NOT have any access to the Google Sheets Templates you hold, as you would be the owner of the file.

Hence, the security of the data inside the file is safeguarded by Google.

We don't provide customisation service to the template at the moment.

Danalyser provides build-from-scratch and custom Google Sheets Template service for small businesses with a minimum budget of USD 300.

We'd love to speak to you on how we can help. Contact us now at hello@danalyser.com or DM us at Instagram: @danalyser8.

If you face any issue before or after purchasing the template, you may email me at hello@danalyser.com or message me at my instagram @danalyser8.