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Membership Tracker Spreadsheets

Membership Tracker Spreadsheets

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You'll need a free Google Sheets account to be able to use this template.

This template is NOT compatible with Microsoft Excel. Do not purchase if you intend to use it in MS Exce.

Delivery & Returns

File would be available instantly after payment. Due to the nature of the digital download, we do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. Kindly read the description carefully before purchase or reach out to me should you need more clarification.

Terms & Conditions

Upon purchase, you'll be granted a personal license of the said template. You are not allowed to resell, share or distribute it without my consent.

Each template is professionally designed and it is strictly prohibited to resell on any online platform or distribute as your own, this includes any types monetary activities, i.e. freebie for your email list. Kindly engage with me to discuss on the availability of the item for a commercial license.

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With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you can easily manage your subscriptions and stay on top of important membership details like renewal dates, subscription tiers, members info, payment information, and more.

Plus, with the ability to tailor the template to your specific needs, you'll be able to track your memberships with ease and efficiency.



Do you operate a business that offers subscriptions or club memberships and need help managing member registration and payment in an organized manner? Don't let membership management stress you out—try our membership tracker template today and see the difference for yourself!

This editable Membership Subscription Tracker can help you:

⭐️ Keep a record of member information and subscription details

⭐️ Use a color-coded system to remind you to follow up with membership renewals

⭐️ Track monthly fee payments 💰

⭐️ Generate an auto-populated dashboard to gain insights about your members.

Watch this free demo video below to learn how to use the membership tracker before you even buy this!

Membership Tracker + Manager All In One

Not just a tracker, this is a tool that helps you monitor membership dues, membership status, track members information and track all the monthly payments status!

Once you've entered the data, you can get valuable insights INSTANTLY in the well-designed dashboard and make informed decision to grow your membership business !

  • ✓ How you gained and turned your visitors into paid members ? (Sources)
  • Which Membership tiers got the most members ?
  • What's the current status of the registered person ?


  • Add your brand logo
  • Edit, add, hide or remove fields as you wish
  • Change colour for your brand
  • Easily accessible in mobile, tablet, and desktop (optimized for desktop)
  • You get FULL access to the template !

What's Included

You'll get 1 Google Sheets File with 1 Membership Tracker (Contains a database table + payment tracker, filters, and report dashboard. Video and Written Instructions on how to use and edit them are included with your purchase.

Google Sheets is FULLY editable. You can edit the field name to replace it with other info you need to suit your need! Here are some example data you can keep track using this template:

  • Member Info: Member ID, Date (Registration), Full Name, Member Type, Source, Contact Info: Email, Phone.. and more!
  • Subscription Details: Subscription/Program Name, Start Date, End Date, Price, Status, Membership Due 🚩
  • Monthly Payment: Jun'22 - May'23 (Editable)
  • Additional Notes, Action item

NOTE: This is a Google Sheet template, not Microsoft Excel. You need to have a Google Account (which is free) to be able to use this template.


Customer Reviews

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I manage a small Membership of about 70 members that I have been self tracking in Google sheets with no analytic or anything fancy (newbie with google sheets). This tracker is AWESOME and exactly what I needed! SL was very helpful getting me set up and I was able to modify the tracker for my needs. SL even made a video show steps that addressed the questions I had about using and customizing the Google sheet. I am so excited about the outcome and the service for this product! Thank you SL for a great template and for rock star service!

Need Help?

Need more clarification before purchase? Sure! You may chat with me here.


Commonly Asked Questions

How fast can I receive my template?

You'll receive a link to the template in a PDF file instantly right after the payment is made. The PDF file is available for download at the payment page.

Another copy would be sent to your email.

Can I use this template for Microsoft Excel?

This template designed with formulas and features that are specific to Google Sheets. Hence, it's not compatible with Microsoft Excel / Excel Online. Please DO NOT purchase if you intend to use this in MS EXCEL.

NO REFUND would be given once the sale is confirmed as this is a digital product. Kindly reach out before purchase if you have any questions.

Is the design customizable in Google Sheets?

Yes, this Google Sheets Template is fully editable and customizable. You’ll have a copy of the template and you can edit the template however you wish.

However, Danalyser is not responsible for the malfunction as a result of your editing action. Kindly ensure that you are not editing the formula embedded in the document.

What can I edit?

Text: Font Type, Size, Colour

Background: Colour

Table, Charts & Graphs: Data, Colour

Icons, Graphics: Add your brand logo. Insert any images or graphics as you see fit.

Make it yours! ✨

I do not have a Google Sheets account.

No worries! It's free to create a Google account.

Click to create your free google account here.

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet app that lets you create and format spreadsheets and collaborate with your coworkers and clients real-time.

Is my data safe if I use the template?

Do assure that Danalyser DO NOT have any access to the Google Sheets Templates you hold, as you would be the owner of the file.

Hence, the security of the data inside the file is safeguarded by Google.

Customization Request

We don't provide customisation service to the template at the moment.

Danalyser provides build-from-scratch and custom Google Sheets Template service for small businesses with a minimum budget of USD 600.

We'd love to speak to you on how we can help. Contact us now at or DM us at Instagram: @danalyser8.

Need Help?

If you face any issue before or after purchasing the template, you may email me at or message me at my instagram @danalyser8.