Looking for a way to track multiple social media platforms' KPI metrics in a Google Sheets file? This Social Media Stats Tracker allows you to track monthly stats across 10+ social channels for as long as you wish! Scroll to read more.

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Social Media KPI Tracking Spreadsheets

Do you wish to record and measure all your social media platforms KPI metrics in an easy-to-use tracker? This Social Media Statistics Tracker allows you to track monthly stats across 10+ social channels, including your website, Instagram (IG), Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Etsy, Linkedin and Etsy. 

Not sure what to track? We've selected more than 40 KPI Metrics for you, come with this Google Sheets tracker!

Monthly Version (Improvised)

This template is improvised and enhanced based on existing buyers' feedback 💛 We value our buyers feedback and we give upgrade for all the existing buyers for free to show our appreciation! We have sunsetting version 1 and now the newest version is available in our store. 

This is an improvised version that you could use for years to come (Forever). We have added a monthly growth metric as requested by our buyers. It also has better user interface, and easy to edit! Buy it now to make your data tracking fun and effortless!

Monthly + Weekly Version

We've added a new tab to weekly KPI and growth metrics as per requests from many of my existing buyers and some of my Youtube viewers. See the video below for more information.

Gentle Reminder: Make sure you select the correct variation before checking out. 

If you've purchased the previous version, kindly message me to get US$5 rebate as my small token of appreciation for your continuous support! I appreciate you!

Who is This For?

This statistics tracker is perfect for anyone who wants to manage and monitor social accounts for businesses, especially great for:
💛 Small Business Owners
💛 Social Media Managers
💛 Online Coaches
💛 Influencers
💛 Digital Marketing Agencies

Mini trend lines for each KPI is generated when you enter the data, so you can analyse and take timely and strategic action for your business growth. 📈


Why You Need This Template?

Danalyser Monthly Social Media Analytics Tracker is great for any individuals or businesses to track business statistics in an organised file, collaborate with co-workers to gather KPI metrics for easy reporting, and monitor business health easily with charts and growth metrics calculation.

Fully Editable, Customizable, Reusable

Our Google Sheets Template is fully editable and customizable to fit your branding and your preference. Add you own logo, customise the colours, change the font type is just a few clicks away!

You could also add or remove KPI metrics or social media platforms comes with the template. Not everyone business is the same and our template is designed to fit different metrics you need to make your business a successful one! Once you bought this tracker, you can use it for multiple years to come due to its versatile design! 

You can access the template easily in multiple devices, such as mobile, tablet and desktop. However, we suggest you to edit the template from desktop / laptop for the best user experience. 

Sample KPI Included for the below Platforms

  • Website (Google Analytics)
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy Shop
  • Ko-Fi
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

What's Included ?

This template includes a Google Sheets File with a Monthly Social Media Tracker

✓ Perpetual - Choose your start year/month and end year/month, Use Forever!
✓ 40+ Sample Metrics to track for each platform are included
✓ Mini Trendline to visualise business growth and detect abnormalities
✓ Monthly Growth Percentage (%) for Selected Current Month

How to Use?

To get started with the business tracker, simply enter start year and end year, along with the months. This step would help you generate the months header automatically for each social media channels. Next, you can start entering KPI metrics for each month. Note that you can also customise the metrics name and platforms for your own brand.

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Resources and Tutorials

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